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The LiRi is also dedicated to the certification of lightning rods and lightning protection system accessories.
Certification services for lightning protection system components provide assurance to customers that the products they are purchasing meet certain standards and have undergone testing to ensure their reliability and effectiveness. These services can be offered by third-party organizations that specialize in testing and certification, such as LiRi.

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Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rods Certification ( efficiency test in High Voltage Laboratory )

ESEAT is a lightning air terminal generating a streamer earlier than a simple rod air terminal when compared in the same conditions. ESEAT is made up of a central rod, an emission device, a dedicated connector to the down conductors. Perfect continuity between the striking tip and the down conductors is required (full continuous central rod). The ESEAT operation is independent of weather conditions.

ESEAT must be designed and tested to meet the normative requirements (NF C 17 102: 2011 Annex C “testing procedures and requirements”). The compliance with the entire test sequence must be validated by a certificate issued by an independent body and through the ESEAT certification by an internationally recognized inspection body (UL Listed). These tests shall confirm an efficiency (ΔT) between 10µs minimum and 60µs maximum, with a standard deviation σESEAT < 0.8 σSRAT (SRAT=single rod air terminal).

ESEAT must be testable to meet the maintenance requirements of the installation (NF C 17 102 – § 8 “Execution file, verification and maintenance”. The design of ESEAT must allow the possible replacement of defective elements, during the warranty period of 5 years minimum.

Lightning Strike Counter Certification in compliance with NF EN 62-561 – 6 : 2018 standards

The Lightning Protection System can be equipped with a lightning strike counter (LSC). A minimum of one counter per lightning rod is required. It shall be fixed on the down-conductor without affecting the electrical continuity of the conductor.
The Lightning Strike Counter must be tested and certified in accordance with EN 62561-6 standard:

the counter registers the number of discharges registered into the conductor
the events must be recorded whatever the polarity of the current
the EN 62561-6 standard details all the tests to be conducted: marking tests, current tests, EMC and UV tests for outdoor exposure.

Lightning Strike Counters must be designed to perform with no danger for the surrounding persons.

Lightning Strike Counter Certification - NF EN 62-561 – 6 : 2018 standards
Lightning Strike Counter Certification - Lightning Innovation and Research Institute
Lightning protection System components certification according to NF EN 62-561 serie

Lightning is a violent natural phenomenon, generating impulse current of 30,000A on average. It must be safely conducted along the purpose-designed conductors from the tip of the lightning rod to the earthing termination.

All the lightning protection system components must be designed and installed in accordance with the EN 62 561 serie standards. Divided into 8 parts, it deals with each type of component (as an example : EN 62 561 Part 4 Requirements for conductor fasteners).

For each component, the mechanical and electrical test requirements are detailed.

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The LiRi is a certification body that is solely certifying products complying with standards.

Certificates are issued in full independence and impartiality. No certificate is delivered if the product does not fully meet all the standard requirements.