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The Lightning Innovation & Research Institute is a Qualiopi certified Training Center.
It delivers more than 30 training courses per year.

Training Programs

Our programs are dedicated to :

Engineers willing to be acquainted with lightning protection systems design and installation specifications
Familiarize construction industry key players to lightning protection challenges and requirements

Our training sessions include:

Understand the lightning phenomenology
Assess the effects of lightning
Design Direct Lightning Protection Systems
Engineer Indirect Lightning Protection Systems
Learn Standard compliance
Review installation provisions and guidelines

Based on these tracks, learners are prepared to pass the Qualifoudre N1 and N2 certification delivered by INERIS.

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Training programs

Training Program Qualifoudre

Qualifoudre certification (delivered by INERIS) training programs provide the necessary expertise to understand thunderstorm phenomena and to design protection systems against the direct and indirect effects of lightning.

Qualifoudre Level 1

Know the phenomenology of lightning
Understand the risks and effects of lightning
Know the normative environment of direct and indirect lightning protection
Know how to evolve among the different direct protection solutions
Know the principles of indirect lightning protection
Master the installation of direct and indirect lightning protection solutions
Know how to measure the resistance of an earthing system
Training duration

The Qualifoudre N1 training action will last 14 hours, spread over 2 days.


Qualifoudre Level 2

Know how to size and design indirect protection
Know how to size and design indirect protection
Carry out/validate a Technical Study and an Executed Work File
Know how to check a lightning protection installation
Know the surveillance and alert systems to adapt the procedures
Training Duration

The Qualifoudre N2 training action will last 14 hours, spread over 2 days.


Training Program ProtecRisk 2.0

The training session dedicated to ProtecRisk professional software enables to master lightning risk assessment calculations in compliance with Guide C 17 108 and to carry out a complete technical survey taking into account the specific features of studied structures. At the end of the session, trainees are fully autonomous in carrying out surveys, generating reports and a Bill of Materials for the installation of an advanced lightning protection system.


Conduct a Lightning Risk Assessment with ProtecRisk software
Conduct a complete Technical Survey (including import of drawings/site images) and edit a BOQ and a Technical Report
Manage an Administrator account and create User accounts
Training duration

ProtecRisk training session will last 7 hours (1 day).


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