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A unique training center

Inaugurated in January 2018, the Lightning Innovation & Research Institute LiRi houses, as close as possible to fundamental and applied research activities and the High Voltage Lab, an unequal training center in our profession.

LiRi is the university of French lightning protection companies. It’s a place where we can grow together, expand our knowledge and share our ideas by developing our network between different companies.

Each year, our corporate university trains around 100 managers, bringing together employees from different entities to encourage them to share best practices and create a common vision tending towards excellence in our technical and managerial practices.

LiRi’s activities were then extended to include training sessions dedicated to safety.

Qualiopi certificatied in 2020, LiRi now offers a full catalog of training courses, available here.

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Lightning experts

All our instructors are lightning experts, regularly attending international Conferences on lightning physics and associated with scientific publications. They are cooperating with National Standard Committees to share their expertise.

These scientists work with dedicated laboratories and research centers. They are mastering both the theoretical approach of the lightning phenomenon and the practical requirements for installation of protection systems compliant to the latest standards and technical requirements.

Our experts animate tracks in French and English, in France in dedicated LiRi classrooms or abroad.

Sylvain Fauveaux - expert LiRi

Sylvain Fauveaux

More than 5 years of teaching experience in university and more than 16 years working experience for companies specialized in lightning protection research and standardization
Electrical Habilitation Instructor" certified
"Qualifoudre N4 Instructor " and "Qualifoudre N4 Expert" certified
Senior Lecturer 63rd section (electronics)
PhD in Electronics - Ecole des Mines de Douai/University of Bordeaux I
D.E.A. Electronics - University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille I
Engineer - Master of Electronics/ Electrotechnics/ Automation - IUP Génie des Systèmes Industriels de Calais (Université du Littoral) - Instrumentation and Sensors Speciality
D.U.T. Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing - Speciality: Automation and Systems University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille I
David Cambier - Expert LiRi

David Cambier

More than 10 years professional experience
INRS certified First Aid Worker (SST)
Master in safety and health management systems

Guillaume Briez

15 years' experience in a lightning protection engineering company, first as Lightning Design Manager, then as Design Department Manager
Nearly 2,000 lightning technical studies carried out in all sectors of activity (industrial, tertiary, military, aerospace, nuclear, etc.)
"In-company trainer" certification
"Qualifoudre N4 Level" certification
Electrotechnical Engineering Degree

Julien Tison

Over 15 years' experience in lightning protection design and engineering for all types of customers: industry (particularly SEVESO sites), commercial, military, INB, INBS, historical monuments
Qualifoudre N4 level certification
Industrial Risk Prevention, Maintenance and Environment Degree
QSE engineer
Lightning instructor at CNPP

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Our facilities

The learning environment is a key element in the design of our training center. A pleasant, stimulating learning environment boosts learner motivation and encourages success.

With several modular training rooms, able to accommodate over 150 participants in the largest configuration, LiRi offers the best learning conditions for learners: modern rooms with audiovisual equipment, a catering room, a relaxation area, proximity to the research center…


Anaïs Allart

Training Center Coordinator


444 Rue Léo Lagrange 59500 Douai – France